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Testimonials 2008


Dear Jay:

Judy and I enjoyed the Christmas show. I was so pleased to see so many people attending. Enjoy the accolades from all who find your performances uplifting and a joyful time. Hope you and Lynne have a pleasant holiday and winter. See you at the cabaret next season.

Ed Hughes
Dec. 7, 2008


Merry Christmas Jay and Lynne,

I wanted to congratulate you both on an amazing production Saturday evening. If I wasn't already in the holiday spirit, your wonderful performers and Christmas settings sure got things moving in the right direction. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thank you both for your hard work and effort.

My best wishes,
Donna Farringer
Dec. 8, 2008


The show was great on Saturday night. You brought in, and back, great talent.

We enjoyed the show. Happy Holidays!

Mary Beth and Karl Steffen
Dec. 8, 2008


From Benita Zahn, Albany Health Reporter and Newscaster, re: Breakfast Epiphanies:

Bravo! What a delightful evening of theater Bob and I had. If the mark of a good musical is the 'sing-ability' of the tunes when you leave the theater - well then, you hit the mark. We were humming Breakfast Epiphanies all the way home. LOVED Jessica [O'Keefe] - WOW!!! and kudos to the rest of the cast.

Hats off, once again, to you!!

August 30, 2008


From Jesse Liebman, director Summer 2008 Youth Workshop, performer in Songs of War & Peace and I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it On The Road, July 2008

Dear Jay and Lynne:

I rode the NYC subway yesterday and within half and hour -- during which time the metrocard stole my money and I missed two trains -- I began to wish I was back in Salem: the Kerr Chauffeur Service is much more hospitable. Honestly, I don't need the relative nastiness of the NYC subway system to remember my July up at Fort Salem Theater fondly. It is a wonderful place, dedicated to wonderful things, and run by wonderful people. Thank you for making it feel like home to me and for all of the opportunities to grow, perform, and enjoy myself. It was great fun and I look forward to more of the same in the future.

Yours truly,
July 31, 2008


From Mary Skelly, director of the teen actors workshop performance of The Wiz, July 31, August 1 & 2, 2008

Dear Jay and Lynne:

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to direct in your theater. I enjoyed it very much and had a great time. It was an honor that you asked me and the experience was one that helped me to grow and learn.

I've enjoyed getting to know both of you and hopefully we will work together in the future. You both helped make a dream of mine come true.

Thanks so much,
August 7, 2008


To Benita Zahn in I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it On The Road, July 2008

Your performance as Heather in that great musical by Gretchen Cryer was perfection. I loved every minute and knew you were gifted. I am a fan of your TV programs, and musical theater, too! Thank you for being you, Benita.

Joanne Kessler


Re: I'm Getting My Act Together and taking it on the Road, starring Benita Zahn

Didn't want to go to bed until I told you how marvelous the show was and your wonderful theater. That being said I must tell you how terrific all of you were to work with. Everyone in the theater was kind and considerate to my group of senior citizens. Each person on your team treated my folks with grace and dignity. Thank you.

Everything was just wonderful. Benita and the cast stupendous and you were great. Best wishes for all good things for you, Fort Salem Theater and your marvelous crew!

Deb Riitano
Community Outreach Coordinator, The NNORC Project
Jewish Family Services, Albany, NY 12208
July 25, 2008


From Tom Flagg, on leave from The Fantasticks on Broadway to perform at the Fort Salem Cabaret on July 11-13, 2008

Jay and Lynne:

I'm sorry it's over so soon, but it was fun while it lasted. Thank you for the opportunity to put together a show that I've been threatening to do for years. The whole experience was all that I could have hoped for.

You are both charming hosts and the late night dinner and chats were perfect. I love your theater.

July 15, 2008


Dear Jay and Lynne,

Congratulations [Best of Broadway] !! I just wanted to take a minute to say... what a wonderful night at the theater! The show last Friday was AMAZING!!! What talent! I had a great time... and so did the rest of the "full house". Give my best to Nathan [Lucrezio] and the talented teens and tell them "two thumbs up" from this audience member from Vermont. I look forward to more from Fort Salem Theater!

Wm. John Aupperlee
Former Artistic Director
Dorset Theatre Festival
June 25, 2008


From Nathan Lucrezio, producer/director/choreographer/performer in The Best of Broadway, June 2008

Dear Jay,

Thank you so much for this production. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from you in the past year. Your leadership and teachings have made me a better performer, director, and choreographer! I can't wait to do more with you and it is good to know that you support me. Once again, thank you, and I hope The Wiz is a smash hit!



Dear Jay and Lynne:

Thank you so much for your valued contribution to the Historic Salem Courthouse 5th Annual Talent Trials. Your beautifully restored theater was the perfect venue for our production. So many people commented on the wonderful setting.

Your effort and generosity helped to make our evening a great success, and I am very grateful. I look forward to working with you both in the future as well as returning to your lovely theater for future productions that you host -- especially the 2nd Annual Best of Salem in August!

With thanks and appreciation,
Donna Z. Farringer
Executive Director
Historic Salem Courthouse Preservation Association, Inc
June 8, 2008


Dear Mr. Kerr:

On December 23 my family enjoyed your beloved version of A Christmas Carol. We hope you will make this an annual event at Christmas. We all loved what you have done to improve the conditions inside the theater and I have already told several of my friends about the performance and they all wished they could have seen it. I agree with the reviews in the local newspapers and we were all in the Christmas spirit when we left. The children actors were great and their voices were wonderful. We all look forward to seeing this again and again. Thank you for putting on this new musical. This Charles Dickens classic is one of my favorites.

Mrs. Mary Anne Ross
January 1, 2008

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