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The Eagle Newspaper
August 23, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen…Rod Ferrone!!

By Lawrence Hillis

SALEM – Studying under one of the most talented tap dancers of all time,
Mr. Rod Ferrone is himself a truly extraordinary entertainer, and most skilled performer.  He showed great prowess with his various skills by switching hats among singing,  rocking, and dancing…or doing all at the same time. 

Rod’s excellence with his collection of hats was amazing as well, and he spun his hat from hand to head to arm and so forth.  His humorous dialogue and versatile voice drew the audience  in powerfully  as he spoke  about the social restraints we place on tapping, such as what you can tap to.  To prove his point he danced to Tango, Salsa, classical, and even rock  and roll.

By all accounts this show was an eye-opening experience into the heart of an American pastime, the tap dance.  And by all accounts it was surely a  good time.  Congratulations Mr. Ferrone on a great show!

On other news, this coming weekend will be the solo cabaret performances of the winners of the Salem Courthouse’s Talent Trials.  The best of young performers  including Nathan Lucrezio and Maureen  Cossey  will  be enchanting the Fort Salem Theater with their voices and their acts, don’t miss it!  Call now for reservations before all the seating is gone!

On a sad, and personal note, this Friday I will be leaving for college.  This is my last article for the summer.   But never fear, I will be returning on  breaks to let you know what is happening in the theater world,  and come  May, my weekly articles will return!  But in the meantime, The Fort Salem Cabaret  and many other theater venues are excellent regardless of my voice, so attend attend attend, and enjoy!
Fort Salem Theater
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