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The Eagle Newspaper
August 2, 2007

Cabaret Continues at Fort Salem Theater
By Lawrence Hillis

SALEM – For its third cabaret event of the season, the Fort Salem Cabaret deviated from its previous format, involving a series of performers all varied in their background and artistic venues.   While Neva Small and Kerri Lynn Jennings have commanded the stage in past weekends, the magnificent Cabaret room was filled with the experiences of three rich lives; those of Rich Wirsing, Lynne Kerr, and Geoffrey Gee.  Mr. Wirsing opened the set with only an acoustic guitar and his expressive voice, yet he finished with much more, the admiration of the audience.  His songs bore the truth of experience, of maturity, they were real, physical, visceral, and they were met by thunderous applause.  Following in swift succession, Lynne Kerr  (accompanied by our very own Jay Kerr) performed songs from her Broadway cabaret “Songs My Husband Wrote” and its well-received sequel…“More Songs My Husband Wrote.”  Mrs. Kerr touched back upon the basics of what makes theater dramatic and compelling.  Her vibrant and sensuous voice filled the room and brought new understanding to being a woman.  To finish the set Geoffrey Gee arrived to improvise on the piano, his hair bouncing and his face alive with the emotion of what he was playing.  His skill transcended the common skill and came to life with majesty, power, and conviction…every note spurred on by some real and material purpose.  More recently the Fort Salem Cabaret hosted  “Women by Women” a collection of songs written by female lyricists. Performed by three talented women, the reprise of Barbara Lewins’ Broadway experience has returned, as powerful and invigorating as before.  The event combined the experiences, views, and lives of three woman of varying ages into a story of interaction, love, and betrayal.  This upcoming weekend, the cabaret will be hosting Psychoneedles, a popular band featuring a Patti Smith veteran.

These talented musicians write catchy bluesy tunes and their style and excellence draw in a huge crowd.  If you have been wondering what the theater is like, come and see! 


Fort Salem Theater
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