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The Eagle Newspaper
August 16, 2007

A Dramatic Reporter
By Lawrence Hillis

SALEM – Benita Zahn, renowned health reporter, made an appearance at the Fort Salem Cabaret this past week.  Opened by the talented Johnny Hancock, the evening was an event of epic proportions.

To begin the show Johnny made his talents known (following Jay Kerr’s witticisms about fire exits) as he drew out stirring riffs and tender melodies from the piano, all accompanied by his contemporary/new age voice, strong lyrics and his uncanny ability  to play the harmonica at the same time!  Of course, I am unable to classify his music in any way, it was just too broad, too well-structured; incorporating the effects, ways, and means of a dozen styles of music…then again, I can label his music “amazing.”

Following Johnny, Ms. Benita Zahn arrived from the back wearing a beautiful lacey black dress ($30 at Marshalls she proudly explains) and a stunning smile.  Her ease with the crowd and her aura of confidence laid claim to the hearts of the audience.  Her voice was strong and melodious, and her versatility, stunning.  For a newscaster dabbling in theater it would seem she got her life roles reversed somehow, and should have been an actor dabbling in reporting.  With her conviction, social comfort, and ability to crack rib-busting jokes in the face of danger, it is easy to see why she has made such a strong career for herself.  At the same time managing to be a strong influence in civic life, and supporting her flourishing theater sideline.  Her act was simply amazing, and I am disappointed that the majority of the world missed it.

To redeem themselves though, theatergoers who have not yet experienced Fort Salem, a few tickets are left for this weekends’ show, Tap into Your Heart!  The show will feature a foot tapping/hat tricking extraordinaire and is sure to amaze!
Fort Salem Theater
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